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"MATILDA" MURDER MYSTERY: Genetic Genealogy, 12 Women, & a Serial Killer

You've probably seen the 3D clay rendering of the Jane Doe known as "Matilda" in Ottawa County, Michigan. It made national news when her murder was linked to serial killer Larry Hall in the mid 90s. "Matilda" was just one of a dozen women who were killed within two years in the same area. Thanks to genetic genealogy, Matilda just got her name back. It's Shelly Christian. That is the first piece of the puzzle. Now, two cold case detectives are on a mission to find out who killed her and the other women. Will is lead back to the infamous serial killer? Or will a new suspect emerge in the cold cases? CrimeCaster Alysia Sofios speaks to Shelly's sister, Shanna Christian, and Detectives Sara Fillman and Allison Anderson about what it will take to bring these women justice.

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